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’Laverne Cox: Sophia is very happy with her situation, and there are trans women out there who are very proud of their lady parts and want to talk about them...

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At the 1984 winter NAMM show, Schecter introduced twelve new guitars and basses, all based on Fender designs.

The most popular of these guitars was a Telecaster-style guitar similar to those that Pete Townshend played.

STEPHEN FRY.#9 The name “Ayoade” means “Crown of Glory” in the Yoruba language, and that is not a mistake nor a coincidence.

Schecter built several custom guitars for Yngwie Malmsteen that featured scalloped necks and reverse headstocks.Sourcesx,xthat Attend / Capacity column All parents have their secrets.When Watters discovered the disaster, he furiously threw the whole thing in the bin - as Sue Perkins protested - and walked out of the tent.These guitars were custom shop models based on Fender designs.

They were considered of very high quality and expensive, and were sold only by twenty retailers across the United States.

As an actor he’s best known for playing Moss in The I.

Ottoman rule continued until it was defeated in the first World War and Istanbul was occupied by the allies.… continue reading »

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