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21-Sep-2017 14:29

But driving terrified me so much that even after getting a license (which was a feat in itself), I avoided driving whenever possible.If I were just shy, then why did I have so much trouble with driving that I felt like the only teenager in the country who didn’t want a license?

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Once, as a sophomore in high school on a trip to Chicago with my German class, I got lost in the Christmas tree exhibit in a museum, which also resulted in losing my group.

Aspies are not the ones who would get put into institutions in former days; they’re on the “autism spectrum” but don’t strike you as being in any way mentally impaired, just a bit odd.

Generally, though, while AS does overlap in many ways with NLD, a few traits make the disorders different rather than the same: Aspies are more visual learners while NLDers are verbal learners; Aspies have certain autistic traits, such as stimming.

(My research file on Orthodoxy soon grew big enough to fit in a storage bin.) C fits, especially when I was a child. Wikipedia also mentions I constantly do which are hidden away so no one notices them.

Of course, until NLD makes it into the Manual, I don’t have a corresponding page of criteria to compare it to, and the literature I find often varies in what qualifies as NLD.

My world is very small because of it.”I lived in South Bend, IN for the first 18 years of my life, but college boyfriends who visited my home noted that they could find their way around the city better than I could.

It is therefore to help each other by sharing your knowledge for free. I think it’s great because it allows me to practice and make friends with people from around the world.… continue reading »

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