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21-Dec-2017 21:36

I don't understand why people still think Leo is gay.

If you look at the majority of the women he's been with they all look similar.

I'm also thinking of young Tobey and some super-short bf with cute red locks he allegedly once had. Also, Lukas is indeed allegedly an ex-Heroin addict. Different strokes for different folks, I guess but I haven't found Lukas adorable since Rambling Rose. Lainey Gossip used to be on board that Leo was gay and the models were all beards (and getting tons of publicity for themselves in the process) but this was before she started shilling on behalf of celeb publicists.

R6, I remember that interview - though I don't remember it being Craig Chester.

I just want to make a general comment about beards. How the fuck are two people supposed to be dating when they are never together? One of his oldest lovers is that Mark guy whose name I can't remember.

Hollywood PR agencies are so out of touch with the real world it's laughable and insulting. They put it out that someone is "dating" someone, and we never see them together. He was part of Michael Jackson's entourage, and was named and pictured in the Martin Bashir documentary. Now this was in his youth, he may have graduated to a different type of man.

It may have been; I honestly don't remember other than it was an actor-screenwriter, so Chester fits.

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I don't believe these women are bearding for him either.Just because you talk to a girl in a club doesn't mean anything.Hell, I talk to girls when I go out, and I'm gay as can be. There's a new story out there about Leo skirt-chasing after model Cara Delevingne. One might look at Kate Winslet being so open with her affection towards Leo and think "Wow, she is in love with him." OR (and this is what I now think), that she is OK with being openly affectionate, even when she was married, because she is fully aware of his orientation and knows that her affections are platonic.(and her turning him down)It's obviously bullshit to bolster his public hetero-ness, as it's been known for a while that Delevingne is fucking Rita Ora.r85, agreed, yet it STILL WORKS. It wouldn't surprise me if she also feels protective of him and is OK with the public thinking she's in love with him as long as Leo's orientation doesn't come out over fear that it might affect his career.

There are people in another thread about the gay football player and even after seeing SEVERAL ACTUAL PICS of his being gay, the remarks are: "he's not gay, it's photoshopped, so what if he's kissing that guy, he's just friendly" And this is on a GAY website!!!!! I might be reading too much into this, but I remember after she and Sam broke up she gave an interview in which she said that a "gay male friend" put his hand on her and told her that it was OK to cry about the breakup. She did say that he was "her rock" during her divorce.

This is probably the third or fourth thread I have posted this on and fits here as well...the later 90's I had a guy on my flight (I am a flight attendant) back to LA from Maui and we were talking and he told me he was hired to sit on a boat for a week that was anchored near the boat that Leo and Tobey were anchored on alone...