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She smelled like roses in summer, and lavender from an old dowry chest. MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith She did look great. “I thought you were like her, only, like, multiplied by ten.” Then he saw her glance at him and wanted to clap his hand over his mouth. “You'll just have to find out in what ways, won't you? Matt watched as the waiter solemnly placed a chocolate something-or-other in front of Elena—and two spoons, and two round balls of vanilla ice cream by his place—and two spoons.

It made everything she said sound like a secret she was only telling you. He couldn't get a word out, not while he was so close to her, so close that he could smell her perfume. Matt was glad he'd scraped the dirt and grease out of his fingernails with a toothbrush and scrubbed the rest of himself lobster red in an effort to get rid of the smells of old car and musty attic. And then somehow, old Uncle Joe, who seemed to live in Matt's back pocket, gave him a wallop and the words, “You look great, Elena,” came out in a rush. “I've known Caroline for years and years,” he heard himself say.

Matt would have laughed himself sick if Uncle Joe had told him what he'd be spending the precious money on. At school those lips were always in a model's slight pout, as if to say “Well, really! And now, with Uncle Joe's hundred-dollar bill, he was going to take Elena Gilbert on a real date, to a real French restaurant: a date that she'd never forget. “It's Chez Amaury.” There was a rustle above him, murmurings in all different cadences, the gist of which was, “Wow! Yours was the best poem I've ever heard.” Who could be mad at her? But rippling laughter made him flush and then two warm hands took hold of his. I don't like all the injuries, and I don't like most jocks. But somehow he made himself look mock-stern and waved a finger back at her. yeah, that's about the size of it.” Matt couldn't help but laugh, and then he told the story about how one year Britches had put her paws on the counter and picked up a half- eaten Thanksgiving turkey in her mouth and wandered into the family room holding it up like a trophy. She laughed as the waiter made up a Caesar's salad beside their table too, and told a story about Snowball, who loved to sleep in boxes or in open drawers, and who had been accidentally shut inside one when she was a kitten. ” and a waving away of the Fresh Ground Pepper Shaker, as if she'd done this all her life. And only fourteen dollars.” She must have seen Matt's look of shock—the single rose he'd bought at the florist's had been only five dollars. This was—how was he going to walk up to Elena and tell her that he didn't have the money to buy her dinner when they were already there eating it?

At just-sixteen young Matt's thoughts about girls and cooties had not entirely separated. just thinking her name made him feel as if were bathed in sunlight. With that marvelous golden hair that floated halfway down her back, with her skin, the color of apple blossoms, even after tanning season, with her eyes like luminous, gold-flecked blue pools, and her lips . ” Elena said softly, “That's one of my favorites.” One of her favorites. Matt escorted her to the car and opened the passenger door for her as quickly as he could and got her settled in. “Why, Matthew MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith Honeycutt, you're blushing! That must have been incredible.” He looked at his plate. tonight.” Immediately, Elena's mocking laughter cut him down to size—but that wasn't happening. She was looking down at her round white plate and blushing. But my dad—he was a tight end with Clemson, and he helped them win the Orange Bowl. Dad has a lot of records, you know, most passes caught in a game, most passes caught in a season, most touchdowns caught in a season, most touchdowns caught in a career—” Matt found himself staring. “Well, I bet you don't know about my real moment of glory,” he said. The gypsy added quickly, “And of course it comes with a love fortune—for each of you.” Elena was opening her mouth, and Matt could tell that she was going to send the flower seller away. ” and she shut her mouth, and looked a little sober for a moment before smiling. He knew he couldn't laugh, either roaring or giggling—but he almost couldn't hold it in. Not now, while the gypsy lady was poring over their out-thrust palms, going, “Hmm,” and “I zee,” and “But yez, of course,” in a fake French accent. Finally he had to admit that nothing else but the bare fact mattered. And the terrible thing was that it hadn't had to happen this way. Oh, God, she wouldn't speak to him for the rest of his life.

She wasn't wearing any makeup that Matt could see—but how could you know these days with girls? My favorite restaurant is Hot Doggles—yes, the hotdog place back in Fell's Church. I want to go up with the kite.” MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith “Like skydiving,” Matt said, watching her face eagerly. ” Elena whispered as Matt frantically calculated the tips for waiter and valet. ” he whispered back, and again they broke out into laughter together. Matt could only hope that his own relieved grin was as free of goo. ” Elena said, then, looking him deeply in the eyes. The dessert was wonderful, but more wonderful was the look in Elena's eyes every time Matt looked up.

Her skin was like magnolia petals, but always with that faint tone of rose over her cheekbones. Then he poured them coffee, put down a little folder with the bill inside it, and turned on his heel as if he never wanted to see them again. Bon appétit.'” MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith “Did we make it? ” And she laughed, showing white and shining teeth despite the chocolate. “We'd better eat all this quick before it melts.” And so they did, laughing and feeding each other an occasional bite.

And there it was, folded in half, as crisp and new-looking as when Uncle Joe had given it to him. Honeycutt, small and round and smelling of cookies, came at almost a run down the hall. Who heard about the sale on jackets in the first place? “Now, you're going to get home on time—” “Yeah, of course, Mom.” “You sure you've got enough money? He had the way to Chez Amaury memorized, so he wouldn't have to turn on the map light. Nobody jumps Elena—” MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith Caroline: “I think I'll go with him instead. “They're a nuisance,” she said to Matt, nodding at the three girls hanging over the stairs. I thought that was really fascinating,” Elena said, and he realized that she was telling the truth, that she was interested. sure were pretty.” His voice got stuck somewhere in his throat as he gazed at the beautiful girl just in front of him. And telling himself that, the way a soldier on the night of his very first battle might, he made himself march back to the table. Things were tight around the Honeycutt household right now, but when weren't they? No, laughing with him, her head tilted to the side and tears of sympathy in her eyes. He looked up dully, not really caring what happened to him anymore. And then kept opening and shutting, like a goldfish's. ” “I know we can, because of this blank space here.” She pointed at the menu. He wiped himself down just in time for the waiter to return. MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith “C'est impossible . .” murmured the waiter, but he wrote something on his pad. The man had gone from red to pale, and he managed to turn away from them without detonating. He was sure that he looked like an idiot as he sat there chewing on the giant mouthful, but it was so good, and Elena looked so pleased with MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith herself, leaning forward as she did to scoop dollops of gloop off his chin as carefully as a barber. “You're a very lovely young woman.” Elena blushed charmingly and said nothing. “Or at least to step on, anyway.” The old man nodded toward Matt's shoe. MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith And there, on the bottom of his right foot, was the hundred-dollar bill. But the way to this girl's heart isn't through showerin' her with fripperies—yes, Uncle Joe actually said that: “showerin' her with fripperies.” It's through showin' her yer own heart. And that was what this had been in reality—a dream date. I've been here to this restaurant”—Elena shrugged—“twenty times or so, but tonight was the best.” MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith “And I say that any boy who can wow a girl while feeding her only bread, lettuce and chocolate must have something special.” The old man chuckled, looking at Elena appreciatively.

He turned the wallet around and pulled it out from its special place of honor—a concealed compartment in the wallet's side. You look like your father when he was young.” Matt could feel himself going an even deeper red. In his own mind, he referred to it as “The Junk Heap.” But there was nothing he could do about it, so he was just hoped Elena wouldn't see too much of it in the darkness. “Hey, girls,”—that was Caroline, “he looks like a jumpy one to me.” Meredith: “Then he can't take her out. Elena, who had calmly been putting on a silvery-blue bolero jacket and checking her face in a small compact mirror, now snapped the mirror shut. And behind the stable where its horses were kept, was a stable of thoroughbred horses, racing horse, right? And I guess that's one reason I like to think about them.” “Don't apologize. What if he just let the meal progress to its conclusion, and then tried to have a word with the manager in private? But then again, he heard melodious, mischievous laughter. “Okay, now wipe your face off, because you look as if you've just run a marathon. Here take mine.” It had to be his imagination, but Matt actually thought he could smell her fragrance on the napkin. “Oh—and two cups of coffee.” “You want—” “Two scoops of vanilla ice cream.” Matt was afraid he the waiter would burst. “Open wide,” a sweet voice chimed in his ears and he quickly opened as wide as he could to take in a huge sticky bite of delicious hot chocolatey- goo mixed with sweet cool vanilla ice cream. “You two obviously have something very special,” the woman fluted, smiling at Elena. Slowly, with a dark mist obscuring most of his vision, Matt pulled up one foot and then the other, looking at the soles. Matt looked through the dimness at Elena's shining face. “It must have fallen out when I first opened the wallet and then I stepped on it and then I couldn't see it— but—everything that I put you through—” “Matt, isn't it wonderful! “But you were managing so well yourselves—we were in the booth right here”—he indicated a booth behind him—”that I couldn't bring myself to spoil the dream.” To spoil the dream.

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Matt nervously opened his wallet again and counted his cash. MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith A hundred dollar bill. “Going without at least MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith letting me see you? ” Matt gave a mock-groan and then stood, genuinely blushing, as she looked him over. “But it's easiest if you just ask their permission to take me out. She'd been holding a bite of bread in her hand, forgotten. “So speed is a part of it,” Elena said, smiling at him, her cheeks glowing pink in the candlelight. Like when I get to drive a better car than The Junk Heap out there—like a convertible, and I put down the roof, and I drive really fast on a straightaway or around little sudden hilltop curves. Surely, his mom would lend him the money in the morning? His perfect precious angel would be— “Matt, you're sick. We need to call a doctor.” Matt blinked, the world slowly coming into focus. He had to turn his head to make sure he had heard it. “Matt, it's okay.” Under the table a warm hand found one of his and gave it a quick squeeze. Now listen to me, because I've got a plan—“ Years later he learned to be wary of that phrase “I've got a plan.” But this was the first time he'd heard it. Elena immediately entwined her fingers with Matt's on the tablecloth. “Madame, you cannot—cannot—” The waiter's face was brick-red. “It weel take an hour for ze soufflé to cook,” he said, with his back to him. “S'wonderful,” he managed, swabbing his face with the only napkin in sight. “And you, young man,” said the gentleman, “obviously have money to burn.” Matt could feel his face turn red. It was almost like a message—a joke—from old Uncle Joe. Matt looked at Elena and Elena looked back and then she laughed and hugged the old man. “Hang on to this one, my dear.” “Thank you,” Elena said again, and she added, “I think I will.” And she took Matt's hand and held on to it all the time it took to ask the valet driver if he had change for one hundred dollars—and only let go to hug the driver when he said soberly after looking at The Junk Heap, “This time's on me.” © L. She talked about decorating for the Fall Fling, told an amusing story about how, while trying to disentangle the colored spotlights for the Fling, she'd ended up caught in the rafters, and finished up with a genuinely funny joke that wasn't dirty or a putdown of any culture, race or sex. He hadn't realized he hadn't been in love before: only infatuated. You could say anything, no matter how dumb, and it wouldn't matter. She wasn't intimidated by the guy in the slightest. Maybe it was because the actress for Sylvia was Caroline Forbes, who in fourth grade had done things like giving herself Indian burns and then running to tell the teacher Matt had done it. Sure, she's a knock-out, but more important, she's like . “We'll be ready in a few minutes,” Matt said, in his most princely dismissive tones. Ice princess” side of Elena Gilbert, and he didn't know what he thought about it. “By all means,” Elena said in a mock-19th century gracious manner, and they opened the menus. Well, he'd just have to drink regular water from now on, and hope that maybe Elena didn't want both an appetizer and a dessert. There was something about Elena—as if she were sparkling at the edges—that he'd never seen in a girl before. Then he looked up to find her smiling into his eyes again. Love and Roses.'” She handed Matt a card and went ambling on with her bouquets. ” and scarcely waiting for her gracious nod, he hurried off in the direction of the bar to find a restroom. Matt went in and took a stall, pulled his wallet out and began to calculate frantically.

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