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Poll: (Poll 2) I am considering, in my Doom story (essentially a reboot, multi-chapter of Living on Hope), changing Doom's romantic interest to someone other than Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman.This is not for certain, so I decided to put up this poll to see what you all would like, of the women I am considering.I wish I could say that yes, I can focus on one story and finish it, I really do.And I applaud those authors on this site that are capable of it.Today, I posted a new story, It's a one-shot and I have no plans to continue it.But I got this anonymous review: "Stop writing new stories, and finish the stories you already have ffs!I may know what I want to happen in the story, but for some reason, translating what I want is not that easy.I'm going to use Magus, Grim, and Nightshade as an example, for those of you who have not read it SPOILER ALERTEveryone whose read to this point no doubt knows that I am having Sabertooth train Hermione.

feature=mhee I don't post any stories there, but you can see some art that I like. A MESSAGE TO ALL REVIEWERS: Thanks to several Anonymous Reviews that were out of line, I have disabled Anonymous Reviews.Even if you have multiple unfinished stories posted?It's not like I plan on starting a whole new story, just to leave another work-in-progress that is unfinished.Now, if this was for another, multi-chaptered story, I'd understand it.

I already have too many in progress works posted on this site.

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