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27-Dec-2017 14:40

“Fred” needed this money fast and the most expedient means which she could send him the money was through a Malaysian wire transfer.Did this woman think it strange that “Fred” wanted money sent to her in this manner?“Fred” proposed marriage, (which she quickly accepted) but also hinted at money problems that he was having.Would she be willing to help him out first and then afterward they could get hitched?So a person looking for love sees the image of a “person”, and wants to immediately meet this “individual”, no questions asked. There are also the examples of older men matched up with younger women.The same has occurred in reverse as with some of these fraud online dating sites, a positive side to the Internet.

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And how many people are completely honest when filling out their forms on these sites? They falsify information about education, job history, even past dating experiences all to plant the idea that they are someone who in fact they are definitely not.Legitimate educational research and studies which have led towards the advancements in medicine are two outstanding examples of how the Internet has made such forward progress for mankind, enriching the lives of tens of millions.