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He further explained this story in his book “Visible learning for teachers“.John Hattie updated his list of 138 effects to 150 effects in Visible Learning for Teachers (2011), and more recently to a list of 195 effects in The Applicability of Visible Learning to Higher Education (2015).Page 195 By: Mae Smith CLOUD, Meada REED, Lester age 56 ROSE, Starlin A. h/o Gladys Irene SUTTON, Fannie (Phillips) w/o Sam CANTRELL, Rutha (Mayne) ______________________________________________________________________________________ BELOW THIS LINE SUBMITTED BY: Mary Creekmore and Ruth Shelton JONES, Robert “ Arthur PARKS, Robert S. Their combined efforts of returning to cemeteries and the searching of old newspaper items are responsible for most of the 30 pages of updated information. This is best illustrated by a partial quote from one of the letters from Mae Smith. Below you can find an updated version of our first visualization of effect sizes related to student achievement.You can compare the entries from Visible Learning means an enhanced role for teachers as they become evaluators of their own teaching.“ Watkins age 80 GIBBONS, Hazel age 47 w/o Thomas PERKINS, Robert age 84 h/o Viola (Parker) RICHARDSON, Roosevelt age 75 h/o Clara VANDERPOOL, Ray age 74 h/o Cora ADKINS, Lloyd Arville age 32 s/o E. age 22 s/o Ester/Daisey “ Luke age 78 BURKE, Betty (Perry) HUFF, Charlie age 83 h/o Rebecca (Morgan) “ Odia age 54 SEXTON, Andrew h/o Eliza SILER, Lucy age 82 SUTTON, Ruby F. S./Meada OSBORNE, Harold age 38 RAINS, Garria age 72 w/o Jerry SMITH, Norma Mae (Floyd) age 77 VEACH, Henry age 70 h/o Rachel YOUNG, Ada age 72 w/o Arthur NEW YOUNGS CEMETERY off Falls Rd. “ Elzo” age 43 h/o Lois TRAMMELL, Charlie age 81 h/o Mary (Smith) PEMBERTON, John B. When a request for help with this project was issued, their response was instantaneous and wholehearted.

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