Dating 19th century photographs datingsales

25-Sep-2017 12:01

Look for signage and architectural details in an exterior photograph.In addition, clothing, photographer's imprints and even the photographic technique can help you place the photograph in a timeframe.

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For instance, a calendar present in the image can assign a month and year to the scene.

Since few people can identify all clues in the picture, assigning a date will probably require a trip to the reference department of a large public or academic library.

But to get you started, here are seven tips for dating a photograph, using 1900 as an example.

Many images in our collection have come to us with only the barest of details attached.

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Your knowledge, interest and enjoyment in identifying dates and locations is helping us to fill in some of the blanks and, in turn, provide better access to the State’s archives.As you begin to ask questions about your photographs, don't forget that the most important information can be found by talking with relatives and looking at your family history.

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