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One of the attendees was former Vancouver Canucks player Geoff Courtnall.

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“Separating from my management company of 20 years, my record label of 25 years, separating from my husband, and losing my dad was hard,” she says.

She’s reflecting on her career, and is remarkably frank about its vicissitudes.

“It was just like Lilith Fair,” she says, shaking her head.

After that, you’re responsible for most other expenses.

Most provincial plans don’t cover the cost of prescription medicines. Nor the services of licensed medical specialists you may need such as chiropractors, naturopaths or physiotherapists, and others.In 2010, in the thick of this new female pop takeover, she decided to emerge and resuscitate Lilith, which was roundly declared a flop. When Mc Lachlan talks about her soon-to-be released studio album, , her eighth, there is a familiar defiance in her tone.