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10-Dec-2017 22:45

It is also common, but not universal, for people with Asperger syndrome to have difficulty controlling their emotions.

They may cry or laugh easily or at inappropriate times.

There is no single or best treatment for Asperger syndrome.

Many adults diagnosed with Asperger syndrome find cognitive behavioral therapy particularly helpful in learning social skills and self-control of emotions, obsessions and repetitive behaviors.

Another common symptom is an inability to understand the intent behind another person’s actions, words and behaviors.

So children and adults affected by Asperger syndrome may miss humor and other implications.

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For these reasons, social interactions can seem confusing and overwhelming to individuals with Asperger syndrome.Another common, but not universal, sign is an awkwardness or delay in motor skills.As children, in particular, they may have difficulties on the playground because they can’t catch a ball or understand how to swing on the monkey bars despite their peers’ repeated attempts to teach them.Often, they don’t notice that others are no longer listening or are uncomfortable with the topic.

They may lack the ability to “see things” from the other person’s perspective.Indeed, many adults with Asperger syndrome receive their diagnosis when seeking help for related issues such as anxiety or depression.

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